# 45 Winning a Scrabble game

I am a Scrabble addict. A-D-D-I-C-T. But I play against a fast, silent and a non-gloating player, namely, my mobile phone. It was with much ado about everything that I played against humans.

And I hated it! Hated its damn guts! I couldn’t take my own sweet time to make my move.  I couldn’t make random words to see if it will work and worst of all, I couldn’t take the game into the loo!

My human opponents drummed their fingers on the table, twiddled their thumbs while waiting for my next word and gloated after a victory. All I wanted then was to run crying into my phone’s arms and turn level of the game to Easy.

Till I won another game against…wait for it.. HUMANS!


My first win in Scrabble

My first win in Scrabble against people

My first win in Scrabble against people. Yet I still prefer my phone. It so non-judgmentally  shows me definitions of the random words I play!