#60 Feeling Less Ashamed

On being tongue-tied and clumsy

To stand up and ask for a challenge

Of sticking out like a sore thumb

To ask friends for help

To talk to strangers in the elevator

Of an imperfect body and mind



#64 Finding Forgotten Money

You know this one!

You slip on a jacket you haven’t worn for some time and go out. You are chatting to a friend and slip your hand inside one of the pockets to find your lip balm and lo and behold! There is a coin! It doesn’t matter how much it is worth. I’ve found that the larger denominations make me worry I’m not taking enough care of my money. But anything less than a dollar, bring it on!

I’m grateful for

finding forgotten money

finding forgotten money inside a coat

finding forgotten money inside a coat that tells me I must have more than I think I have.