Pangs of a vegetarian

this is wot ur first question is going to be : pangs?? then y the hell are u a veggie??

to which i reply with my nose up in the air : coz i choose to, u idiot!

to which u snort: then y complain

and i? : WOA! its my right to!

then u relent a lil and ask: so wots new in the list?

and me happy to find a shoulder to cry on: its this article in the newspaper!! they have put an article with all top chefs of the city!!and the dishes they dish out look so incredibly scrumptiously yumm! just that they are all non-veg 😦

and u with that i-think-i-got-smbdy-crumbling-down snicker : tel me again y u turned a veggie, will ya?

and me with that i-know-wer-u-r-going sulk: coz i dnt want to kill animals and survive when i can very well survive on plants

u since u just cant keep away from stupid clichéd questions: and u dnt think plants have life?!!

here i take a break, look upwards/roll eyes/take a deep breath, say a lil prayer to restrain myself from making mincemeat outta u and say in my best priestly voice (really, how many of u do u think i can tolerate??) : i do, but i cant necessarily starve to death. so i prefer killing plants to animals.

now u sense that i have suddenly turned cold. so u make up for it by saying: hmm..its not everybdy who can do that u know..

me sensing the shoulder to cry on very near: u tell me!! its so hard!! Especially the guilt which eats u wen u r eating one of those lip-smacking, soft, creamy pastries!!

u startle me from my drooling thoughts by : u eat pastries!!! dnt u know they contain eggs???

i say “JERK!!” in my mind and turn to glaze at the distance : i know, thats y its hard..

and before u can tell me i am a hypocrite, i turn away and walk towards the pastry shop to uplift my soggy mood.


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