Whats up with these peepers??

I mean those who:

peep into your plate while u r eating at a restaurant
peep to check what you are reading as if the book’s cover doesn’t reveal it all
peep sneakily out of doors in the neighborhood when you go late to your flat after work
peep and listen to you talk busily to your ex/parents/colleagues at work over the phone
peep through windows into your flat
peep and stare and scare you in the bus
peep into your grocery bag when you are not looking
peeps down your dress!!
peeps at your com and stare at whatever is visible and ask stupid questions

but i do enjoy these peepers who:

peeps to check which flavor of ice cream you got and smiles if it matches theirs
peeps when you are petting their dog and checks the dog from making a pest of itself
peeps when you return home late and smiles understandingly
peeps and pops into your flat when they don’t see you for a long time and asks if you are ok
peeps at your com and don’t comment
peeps inside any abundant well and exclaim Dry! ignoring the sign which says exactly that.
peeps into those lil holes in trees just for the heck of it
peeps into friend’s bags looking for something to eat
peeps into the kitty’s box to check if its not too lonely

i guess i can just go on on peeping forever..


2 thoughts on “Whats up with these peepers??

  1. My mother was guilty of the first on your list. I’d take her out to eat, and she’d stroll through the restaurant looking at peoples’ plates and asking them questions about what they were eating. It was my recurring nightmare that, one day, she’d begin to ask for bites from their plate…

    And I myself am a notorious peeper of the contents of others grocery carts. Are they into healthy food, or – like me – is their cart full of everything that has been told will kill us at any moment? I like to see if I’ll have company when the red licorice or cheese crackers start to melt my brain.


    1. u know wot? im guilty of it too as I recently found out. This waiter was carrying a plate of the most yummy smelling dessert and i couldnt take my eyes of it even as it reached my neighbour’s table. AND my friend told me not to embarrass him again by staring at people’s plates.. Hard to swallow it was 😦


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