have you had these moments..

– when u r little, mum tells u to watch ur step on the road and u intently do that and bang ur poor lil head on electric post?
– ur uptight classmate from school who regarded u nothing less than a gypsy turned into one herself?
– people standing for ice cream in the queue in front of u always seem to order yummier flavors than what you have in mind?
– animals always stare at your face for reactions?
– u try out a shirt and suddenly feel good on an otherwise moppy day?
– when ur friends get married u have a tough time keeping those tears of happiness at bay?
– u suddenly remember what happened between 2 characters of a book and just cant remember anything else about it?
– mondays are usually lengthier than any other day in the week and sunday the shortest?
– those popular girls in college with reputations of being really bitchy turned out to be quite ok?
– u urself end up being bitchy and u love it!!?
– the best looking girl/guy in the room is always taken?
– u have been having a terrible week/month and you suddenly have a happy moment/hope only to plunge back into darkness?
– bad hairstyles look better as hair grows?
– sometimes u just dont care what pepl say about u and sometimes u desperately want to be understood?
– recipe always changes taste each time its tried?
– ur nemesis of a sister in school days incarnates into ur best friend in adult life?
– u laugh out thinking of some old joke and when u repeat the same to ur surprised friends, it doesnt sound funny at all
– u know u cant be happy knowing only the good side of a person and u keep looking out for some fault?


4 thoughts on “have you had these moments..

  1. hahha..soem of em really got me shaking my head in wonder.nailed it der Sou 🙂 ok m a bit puzzled.how come nobody has commented b4.or r u one of those secretive kinds who is like asll abt writing for ureslf????cos m not!!!:D


    1. im a bit of a recluse.. But these post were in my blogspot till yesterday when i imported them into wordpress. There! now u know the reason behind my poverty-stricken comments queue.


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