My 10 ways to spend Earth Hour

1. Count the number of mosquitoes u kill. Partition the number based on the nature of carcass – smashed, gory, no blood-smooth kill, size 0.
2. Imagine you are watching tv and keep track of how long you can sit motionless.
3. Read that thing called newspaper. Yes there are more uses to it than act as your mosquito bat.
4. Find out how ur neighbours are coping with a self-brought blackout.
5. Play hide and seek. Can even blindfold the seeker if you want. Since not much difference.
6. Make new candles out of the molten ones. Add ink and viola! u have colored ones.. U will be colorfully prepared for the next Earth Hour.
7. Raid the fridge. Now this is ur chance to gobble up and use ‘Isnt this sponge cake getting soggy??’ excuse.
8. Mix urself a drink/iced tea/mint lemonade, put ur feet up and chat away to glory. Try horror stories.
9. Play Shadow puppet with friends. I love to be the crocodile which can fly and eat the dog..
10. Sleep.


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