20 Things That Make My Day

1. Phone call from a long forgotten friend
2. Kitten in the grocery store near my flat. They mew and follow my finger trailing their box and leap to catch it.
3. Long walks
4. New shoes
5. A compliment (thanks Sunu šŸ˜‰ )
6. Hot summer showers
7. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
8. A catchy tune in radio. Like it better on radio than tv coz then ur visual sense is not clouded with scantily cladded men/women.
9. Solving that long existing bug. Exhilaration after coming out of a code maze alive.
10. Jimmy Choo rolling on his back to get his belly scratched, which i never do coz he is always dirty.
11. A hot gossip session with sis. Delicious..
12. That perfect bottle of nail polish/perfume or tube of lipstick.
13. Xmas star hanging in my room, a gift.
14. Sip hot ginger tea on the terrace on a cold evening
15. Peanut butter
16. Thought of an upcoming trip.
17. A good read or an unknown good movie
18. Chick flicks
19. Girls night out
20. Watching friday night movie on tv with Sprite and Lays to accompany.


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