The Party

Story so far…

Lila ran her finger down the guest list till she reached his name. Those six years of marriage had been the best years of her life. He was the only one she ever loved. But even he had succumbed into the dark hole of jealousy and tried to kill her. This was something she could never forgive or forget..

She started planning fifteen years ago by saving the remaining tea leaves that he had brewed to make her tea. Then it had been a long wait to throw him and others off the scent. Finally when his turn came to be alone with her at the party, she saw how indifferent he had become to her. This made her all the more vengeful. She offered him tea knowing well that he will refuse it owing to the awkwardness of the situation. Earlier the day, she used the saved tea leaves leaving a little behind to make that one cup. Police would know  where to trace the tea leaves to.

As Sia left the room, Lila felt her end near,  more than ever before. She asked her guests to wait and returned to the cup of tea in her room. She drained the poisoned tea in a gulp and her hand shivered and let go of the porcelain cup causing it to fall down on the carpet and break into pieces.  She fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. The days when she wooed him and spent madly in love with him flashed in her eyes.  That smile that had spurred many a man into impetuous  vivacity played on her lips one last time.

Tea Cup from Pringoo


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