Maslow And What Nots..

Like they say, if you gotta get the complete picture, you gotta be right in the picture. What the hell she talking about? I’m talking about the adage “small fish in big pond” and how I was privileged to grasp the complete and raw meaning of it.

I blame it all on Maslow and his ruddy triangle for revealing the existence of hierarchy of human needs. To put it differently, some people fall in love only because they have heard so much about it. I fell for the human needs thingie because I happened to read about it. I felt that my current job was not satisfying in the matters of pay(scanty – anywhere everywhere), lack of encouraging work atmosphere (read eye candies) and mounting work stress (deadlines competing against each other on which one will have me down). I came across what the Maslow chap wrote and like googling about symptoms and self-diagnosing with Cryptococcal Meningitis, came to conclusion that i was a victim of the urge to climb up the ladder or triangle of human desires. You can also quote me that i blame peer and social pressures too.

As soon as it was known that I was switching jobs, a friend at work exclaimed”But you are soooooo comfortable here!” Exactly sista! I need to get away from the patch of comfort zone, tread unknown roads and feel the wind from a new a/c vent in my hair…

Thus started the odyssey for that perfect job which ceased to exist right after that perfect landing Noah did with his ark on the mountain-top. Monster and Naukri became household names. Occasionally mother would hint “Did I tell you that my cousin’s brother’s sister-in-law’s brother is in US now? He is 2 years younger to you…” Hmm…

After weeks of tremendous effort to push-off the inertia and appear for a couple of interviews, tadaaaaa….. I land on a new job. One of the software giants picked me. My Ego(notice the capital?) which was slowly wading into oblivion now speed-motored back. Little does it matter that the new office is ‘a leetle’ far out in OMR or that i have to get up ‘a leetle’ early to get there on time.

Change is goooooood…..

Day arrived when I was supposed to bid a teary-eyed farewell to my office of 4 years. Colleagues wait for my goodbye speech and all i do is mumble “thank you and good luck to all” while hurriedly packing the gifts and turn homebound.

Can hardly wait to get outta office and face new challenges, can I now?

New Office.

New Sour Faces. Must be due to non-existing coffee vending machines. WHAT! NO COFFEE MACHINES! HOW DOES A PERSON BREATHE OUT HERE???

New Task on day 4: WHAT!NO BENCH PERIOD!!! urgent situation and so no settling-down time for me.

Which Means:

1. No access to work bay – so stand by the door and beg people who come by to swipe their access card and let you in.

2. No bus pass – so travel by crowded public buses and flutter like a flag on the doorstep.

3. No comp – so run around and wait at the public cubicles to fill in timesheet. No timesheet, no salary.

4. No site map or boards in campus – so wander to south wing every morning and ask the security guy if it is north wing owing to total lack of sense of direction and awkwardness of moving from a 2-floor office to a 2-acre one.

5. No access to personal mail/social networking sites – nobody would know if I die suddenly.

6. No camera phone in the bay – so buy a modest phone and grumble “Now who is gonna pay for this??”.

Whoever said change is good damn never had one in life – at least not in an IT company.

As if that wasnt enough to knock me out, there came the Rocky Belboa of knock-out punches in the form of different varieties of pain. If I didn’t get a good seat in bus, i got back pain. If i did, i got neck pain. If it was too sunny a morning, I got headache. If it wasnt, IT ALWAYS IS IN CHENNAI! By the second week of commute i could hardly feel it if Federer practised his serves against my spine.

Am i done for? Apparently not.

just the second week after my joining, im asked to come to work on a saturday!

Folks who joined with me and were still on the bench period broke off from snoring in the library to laugh at me. By now life looked like that highly acclaimed tunnel but with no lights on. Even though i had no time after office to check mails or FB, I had plenty to plan and re-plan my entire life during the time I spent commuting.

Sloooooowly things started turning my way. Access card, expensive bus pass, own system, self-made mental sign boards answered my fervent prayers. My body got used to the abusive commute and pain became this neighbour who occasionally drops in for a chat with Moov.

Was the change any good? Yes oh yes! I appreciate the efficiency with which a smaller organization works vs im confused by the insane abundance of processes and never helping Help Desk. Workplace leisure is for the fortunate vs work is put in its right place which is right after the breakfast, a hot cuppa and mild gossip session.Meagre pay vs decent one. People wondering where the hell i work as when they hear the name vs a nod of approval.

Looks like Maslow was not that much of a loser…


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