Crazy SMS day

`So I wake up to a bleak Tuesday morning, which is very strange in the city where 7 am usually looks like 2 in the afternoon. And I think to myself, “hmm a lil cozy for a Tuesday..” and go to kitchen for my cuppa coffee. i wish wistfully if only i cud spend some more time in bed instead of making coffee when i hear the chime of a new sms from my phone. Thinking it must be one of the ‘Good morning’ ers, i open the sms. Says “Tired of preparing coffee every time you feel like having one? Try our new XYZ coffee maker. comes with a stylish cappuccino maker. All for Rs 2500/-. Contact 0000000000 to place your order today!”. Making a mental note to check out the coffee maker, i continue with my morning routine and start to the bus stop. I walk a little briskly and am soon sweating. “”This is what happens when you hog that last piece of cheese cake” – i reprimand myself when my phone vibrates in accordance to it. New sms.”Fat reduction consultant in your city. Register for course and get a Sauna belt free..” I laugh at the sms and quicken my pace.

Inside the bus, i look outside the window and glance at the stores as the bus whimpers like a baby in the traffic jam.  A Merc shows off its tail lights from a background of bright blue. I’m busy putting my salary and the cost of the car in a mental graph and try to find a meeting point over time, when a new sms decides to head in.”Need xyz bank’s  personal or car loan? At a reduced rate for professionals. Contact 000000000 for further details. ”

By now im a little dazed. There is too much coincidence here, isn’t there? Or is it just my mind finding some pattern in the magnanimous disarray of sms ads??

I get lost into the world of emails and java and deadlines at office and before i know my stomach is grumbling like a gravel-grinding machine. Pat comes the sms. “Dominos lovers enjoy pizza mania only for Rs39. Rush to the store or call now at 000000″


I try going through previous day’s sms list to check if there was any pattern. Doesnt look like there was.

I trudge through work and return home braving the traffic jam. Sleep has me down in 10 minutes and as I slip into oblivion, I hear the chime again.”Sleepwell mattresses discount sale. Buy two get 2 pillows free.”


5 thoughts on “Crazy SMS day

  1. The picture at the end is wat i saw first..Hahahaha…classy pic
    Yeah ur post is very true. annoying SMSes day n night. n i loved the way u made it all in a days happening.Nice flow!!! 🙂


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