Here a tag, there a tag…

ooh boy! oooh boy!! i ve been tagged!! and none other than gud ol’ wannabauthor. So here goes my 10 listings to raise that mean eyebrow or two…
1. i dont think chocolate does any justice to its hype..for the same reason i dont like it! cmon!! there are a whole lot of other flavours to lust after!(nope, no pun intended)
2. i love pink on men. of corse those who can carry it 😉 remember saif in salaam namaste? datz wot am talkn bt!

3. i cant go AWWWWWWW!! on babies i dont know. Puppies, yes. Babies? AWWWW NO!
4. once a friend of mine took me to a fashion show (read CFW). hated it! cmon, who can take a guy strutting around in blue and yellow checked suit seriously and later diagnose it thread by thread?? i would rather be hit by a huge garbage truck than be caught with someone wearing that piece of torn upholstery.

5. Whenever i go to the beach, i wish i were a dog.. such a myriad of smells, by heavens.. smell of the sea, of roasted corn, filter kaaapi, ice cream, burgers, fish fry… omg! yes im a sucker for smells and am not talkin abt those precious whiffs from expensive bottles.
6. HATE SHOPPING! especially alone. day usually ends with empty wallet, back and neck pain and a wistful wish to be an animal with just one kind of fur coat to wear..

7. Now Guruvayoor is a temple that every hindu malayali looks upon as abode of GOD HIMSELF. I, for that matter, look upon it as abode of great murals and stone sculptures and would rather stay outside than get jostled to death inside. Hence the family feud.

8. when men open doors for me, i have this urge to flash them my ID with my birthday. or just yell at them that im neither a kid who cant figure out which way the door swings or an old woman with no more fizz left. I blame stupid etiquette created for corset-choked women.

9. In these days of quick and cheap flights, i cant stop romancing the idea of days long journeys in train. Remember that trip we took as kids to North? Excitement mounting each day, food packed securely, schedules neatly explained, pillows, bed sheets double checked in the new suitcases bought specially for the occasion, train tickets safely tucked away in yellow envelope, smiles and snacks exchanged between fellow passengers, getting down at important stations and buying Tinkle, hot samosa and chutney with tea in matkas, dusty tracks, us in dirty rags by the end of journey.. i can go on forever…

10. Sing when down with cold and sore throat. Brings an edge to “i love big butt..”


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