Day After Tomorrow

“Marvelous!”, said the Earthworm, “I have never seen a more fertile land than this one recently. I bet I will meet at least a dozen of my cousins here”. “Yeah freak show, that’s just what you said about the patch we passed two days back.” The Dog replied with an impatient wiggle of his tail. He sniffed, paced around and took a leak at the bottom of a tree whose last leaves gently fell down around him and one, on his back. “Stupid Dog is still on his territory-prevention spree..” thought the Cat as she daintily picked her teeth sitting up on the tree.

The Dog felt a little up for some mischief. He looked around for his two obvious and only choices. Earthworm was way too slithery for his liking and the cat was high up administering him a sly look now and then. Dog looked forlorn and sniffed around for any form of life than their own. These stupid humans had to go and kill not only each other but also every thing around them. If only they had spared someone just for him..

“Oh wait!”. The Dog sniffed excitedly at a new smell and ran forward. He stopped by a white gleamy thing lying half-buried in the decay. “What rot have you find new? An earthworm??” asked the Cat as she skipped towards it and turned it around. It rolled sideways and a rotting human skull materialized into their view. The three went silent for a minute. The Earthworm commented in an offended tone that he hadn’t seen that one for ages and the three moved on. A blot of gloom over their otherwise perfect day.


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