Kids Are Cruel

Ever gave it a thought about how those little ones bringing happiness into your lives can let someone else’s pride down with a thud while asking a personal question with wide open eyes?

Like take this little boy who was brought up in a joint family. He saw his little cousins packing to go abroad where their father work, when his own is not that financially stable. He innocently asked his mamma in front of every one why they were not packing and is it because his father had no money. Mama struggled to hide her beetroot red face behind faded curtains.
Or this little miss sunshine who asked why I am not married at a marriage function sitting right in the middle of the aunties who were undoubtedly analyzing the same case. The lisp and the cute little button nose just didn’t help when i was staggering for a response while inwardly wrenching the little pig’s neck.

There was this one time when a little dutiful daughter gave her mother a vivid description of an abortion when the mum was lying on a hospital bed after a mentally painful one.

Now I have a boy in neighborhood who runs into my house and throws stones at my old dog and asks me why I don’t put him down! His reason for this abominable behaviour? Boredom!!

Most of the times, they hear the situation being discussed and it being ‘hush-hush’ ed in their presence and they get a sadistic pleasure while asking the person involved. I’m sure they enjoy the silence that follows the question and the attention rained on them afterwards.

Call it innocence and mask it. But children can be cruel.


4 thoughts on “Kids Are Cruel

  1. ha ha…..hmm….Yes, kids can be cruel. Its better not to go koochi kooing to kids you don’t know. Especially if they are the talking age. Some kids learn what they hear, and if not corrected, can end up being such seemingly innocent cruel creatures.


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