Magic of the silver screen

It was a sunny Saturday morning. As I lay stretching in my bed and planning the POA over a hot cuppa, I found out to my utmost horror that I have not been to a movie for 2 weeks… Isn’t that sacrilegious! So just to save my soul from succumbing slowly to hell, I decided to go attend the holy mass on silver screen.

Scouring over the newspaper for the colorful movie section, I came upon the right movie that will prove to be my salvation. Fanah. Aamir-Kajol tear jerker and a patriotic one at that! Just one teeny-weeny problem. All my friends have already watched it. So I had to modify my modus operandi. Either I sought for their company and watch another movie or horror of horrors, go alone!

Now I come from a small town which has a few of those small-scale theatres. When I say small town theatres, don’t get your imagination to flutter like a kite up on the sky above on a breezy day and imagine a dirty-white-screen, people-squatting-on-floor, peanuts-to-munch on, 5rs-ticket, palm leaves-for-walls kinda theatre. We have those only in villages propped up as a part of some award film. Mine are those homey ones, which still sells cone ice creams, popcorn and samosas for paltry sums,  the ticket price is 60 and seats, bug-ridden. The cutest part is the attention any girl, I mean ANY girl regardless of how much of a mirror-cracking material she is, gets from the opposite sex. Wolf whistles, sly comments and cheesy invitations to occupy adjacent seats were as much an entertainment as the movie to the gang of girls I belonged to. We glided in and out of movie halls with the élan of a seasoned movie-goer; balancing the snacks in one hand while holding the hand of the girl in front, fighting the old pervert guy off our seats, dressed to kill the occasional estranged foot of the guy sitting behind(read safety-pin)… But one never went for a movie alone there and I frankly would rather not.

But now that I’m in a metro, things have changed! Though I’m in no NYC, our little city is not exactly a pretty little hamlet with streams for boundaries. So I decided to call on my Super-Bold Alter Ego (hereafter SBAE) and leg it alone to the movie. SBAE paid for ticket and thrilled at the prospect of a little airing, reached the movie hall ahead of time for the show.

SBAE looked around. She found that people look at you when you are not with friends. Or is it that you look at people when friends are not around? She joined the queue for popcorn and missed the confusion her friends always created when their turn came to order. They would still be undecided after staying in the queue for half an hour thanks to divided attention to every passer-by and careful analysis of What Chicks Wear To Movies.

Don’t people always wonder why girls go to the washroom in groups? Hold your breath and be prepared to get humbled as I part you the key to this dark mystery – to hold each other’s purses! SBAE hadn’t really thought through that. But to her amazement, she found that doors to the washroom actually have hooks attached to hold the purse! With her load of snacks and newfound wisdom she entered the sanctum which has always provided to her enlightenment, fun and a fire exit from reality. Once settled down, she gently sunk into the movie.

It was a slightly thoughtful SBAE who emerged out into the hallway once movie got over. She thought the locations were captivating and background music beautiful. The whole ‘blind girl falling for a bad guy who turns out to be all right’ romantic. She thought fondly of the moment when Kailash Kher’s ‘subhan allah’ raised goose bumps on her arms…how those tiny nuances contribute to the overall appreciation of the movie. She wondered if all the movies she watched over these years failed to appeal to her  just because she was too involved in messaging her friends or chatting about the shade of lip gloss worn by the heroine. To find that out, SBAE geared up for more movies – alone.


4 thoughts on “Magic of the silver screen

  1. See I told you write best when you are the heroine of your story. Can’t help but wonder if you take not of all the intricate things happening around you immediately and reach to your conclusions or does that happen later? Either way the brain machinery seems to be merrily whiring away to give new angles to regular day happenings.


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