Bad Ad World

Whats with the ads these days! No, seriously. The other day i was watching a Fastrack ad. It always came across  as a brand for youth. The new ad showed Virat Kohli hiding a hikki with a Fastrack bag strap, leaving a girl comfortably seated on his bed wearing his shirt and meeting his girlfriend outside! If i were a teen barely containing my excitement to get into real adult life, I would find it cool! But the point is I’m not. I have passed over from the stage of cool-wannabe to a person with a firm hold on real world and if my 13-year old self was watching that ad, i wouldn’t think twice about infidelity.

Another ad that really made me question the existence of ethics in ad world was one of some cream that vanishes that self-deprecating scar from your teen’s face.  I have a mark on the bridge of my nose which neither i nor my parents remember how i got it! It didn’t make me hate myself; rather i remember only when somebody asks me how i got it! So are we being responsible by introducing our teens to these creams at a very vulnerable age?

But then who has the time to monitor one’s children’s each and every movement. If they are Happy Meal-ing or anorexic?  Blessed are those kids with sensible parents who don’t give a damn about a few scars or  dark skin and who have found a way to impart rightful ethics into their minds to make better decisions for themselves. Rest will either learn it the hard way or live eternally unhappy lives searching for happiness that they missed when they were too busy in being obsessed with themselves.


6 thoughts on “Bad Ad World

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