Of Little Angels And Xmas

This post has been long overdue. What with the frenzy of hyped new year celebration and the rat race at work.. But like all genuine emotions and thoughts, how much ever late or forgotten, this one was bound to take birth too.

So I was sitting at one of the watering holes in the city, mourning over the death of a weekend, but rejoiced at long weekend of Xmas in prospect, when my friend Sid told me about this amazing venture he has been spearheading for the past few months. He organizes a loose-fitted, casually run, get-together of like-minded and broad-minded people who want to contribute to the society they live in, in their own way. He co-ordinates getting as many people as he can into a particular area, collects money right then and buys food for beggars or pencil boxes for the poor children in the school nearby.

I was taken back at the response he was able to elicit from young urban youths who were bracketed off by the society as the pub-hopping, business-magnet wannabes. The plan to visit AWPT, an animal shelter in the outskirts of the city which I had always wanted to visit, was fortressed by this glimmer of hope.

AWPT is the brain child of two senior citizens who were moved into starting the organization following the urge or rather the necessity to stop the cruel murder of strays that they witnessed in the city. If electrocuting, immersing in acid baths or clubbing them to death was the Chennai Corporation’s answer to a swaggering number of strays, this organization was this couple’s answer. Mr.Narasimhamoorthy and Mrs.Padmavathy took matters into their own hands and conduct Animal Birth controls along with vaccinations for rabies and distemper for owned as well as stray animals.

Their kindness has spread to such an extent that their home is full of abandoned puppies and cats too weak or tiny to take care of themselves. When we visited them on Christmas day, we were welcomed by Sugar, a very inquisitive pup who nose-dived into our laps and by authoritative barks from a Lhasa Apso, who was discovered injured by a student and was brought to this homely abode. Ever since her recovery, she has become so possessive of Mrs.Padmavathy that she doesn’t like her petting any other animal but herself!

Lil sugar on the look-out

Bush, an aristocrat in his previous birth i'm sure

If I die and get an option for rebirth as a pup/kitty cat, this is the home I would like to make my entry in. Such amazing is the love that is showered on them. Mrs.P’s eyes glisten with tears as she talks about strays that are abused everywhere they go searching for a single piece of bread. Her own issues of putting up a commendable fight for these scapegoats of new age ‘development’ are far from reaching an end. Brought under a single roof, a few of these lucky little angels find console in each other and in the loving laps that surround them.

Happy Meal time

The passion and the righteousness of their motive is what is motivating these people to push forward and save that one small creature that needs shelter and care. In return, they receive the unadulterated love unparalleled by any human being. But it takes a huge effort from their part to keep the shelter and a veterinary hospital running. Apart from taking care of the strays in their care, they also go around in a van feeding strays in the street. They struggle with the funds they get and are always open to visitors who can adopt/donate/volunteer or at least spend some time with the animals.

Drowsy kitty cat about to snooze in a warm lap

As the group of us who visited the shelter saw the plight of recovering strays in the hospital, empathy took control of all our minds. Though our donation consisting of packets of bread, milk and pedigree was humble, it was a special day made special by our innocent joyous friends who, for a change, have no intention of taking over a corporate world and making their mark but just staying alive and kicking.

Please visit http://awptrust.org/ and make a small difference which could save the life of another animal who is not even complaining at the unfairness thrust upon him.


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