Hitler’s Bad Hair Days – unveiled

This article started off along the lines of a history research after watching Charlie Sheen draw one of these moustache’s on his mother’s cut-out in, what else, Two And A Half Men. Any deviation from the path is sincerely not regretted.

Hitler is synonymous with the toothbrush stache. Here is a smatter of detail on the same  which is absolutely of no use to anybody.

The dictator who made the whole world pee in its pants showed off a moustache preened before him by the comedy genius Chaplin. Strange and illogical coincidence? Apparently not. Hitler, when he joined the army, was ordered to prune his abundant “Kaiser”-style moustache for a toothbrush clone to fit gas masks and strain deadly gases instead of just soup.

If it recognized the comical relief of one, this eminent stache spoke of bottomless horror and spite of another. Thanks to the former, by sporting the stache, the wearer gets instant recognition as a fun-bearer.

Hitler may well have been hated and condemned. But the stache stays everybody’s favourite. Michael Jordan or James Joyce would have happily pressed the Facebook’s ‘like’ button on the page ‘People for the Ethical Treatment of the Toothbrush Moustache is on Facebook’ if they were just net-savvy.

And whats more,archaeologists have come across what is believed to be Hitler’s moustache in a disused warehouse in East Berlin. Thus the Führer lives in posterity through his forcibly styled moustache.


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