Gender War – Behind the curtain

Well, you were right. The little voice inside you which you couldn’t silence, was after all right. The whole gender war is a hoax set up by women!

You need reasons? i’ll give you reasons.

To begin with, we women are God’s fav children. Apart from creating us painlessly from another man’s rib, He  blessed us with very handy glands, tear ones apart. When used with dexterity, they have weakened many a man’s heart and brought him down on one of his knees. Well, lets just say we are born leaders.

Now you would brag about being the breadwinner of the family, of occupying the highest rungs in the corporate ladder and how it is a patriarchal system that we follow. Duh! We act feeble-minded and make you work for us and even make you feel good about it. We are quite capable of sitting at home and watch you scurry around to fetch us water, flowers, jewelery et al. Think baby think!

And if we are the working types, you get to be privileged to read such posts, hear complaints about bad boss, PMS and be a part of other life-changing experiences.

We invented the sales strategy which is widely in use within corporates across the world now. The carrot and stick strategy! You please us, you get carrot. Stick ( read couch) otherwise. Wisdom from the simple confines of a bedroom. Ha!

To top it all, we look good in our clothes as well as yours.

So why do we keep the gender war up against our all-knowing conscience?  Umm.. because it’s fun…?


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