So there I was, skipping along the sidewalk, window shopping with a nice brunch settling down in the old grinder that plastered a smile on the face when I saw The Shoes Of My Lifetime!

She sat innocently gleaming in the setting sun, quite unaware of the spectacle that she created. Other shoes just dimmed in comparison and left her in a golden glow. The credit card reader sang “All you need is love…” and the birds chirped in accordance to it.

Once home, I took her in my arms and ran my finger down her seams. She dug her never-ending heels into my palms and looked into my eyes with those soulful eyes. That’s when I swore to God that I’ll never let anything happen to her.

I hardly remember how the night passed.  Morning saw me waking up with a smile to her by my bed. Blew her a kiss and ran to get dressed for work. Facing yet another gruelling day didn’t seem so bad now. My colleagues kept jealously staring at us, well, I don’t blame them. We could hardly keep ourselves apart. By noon we were the talk of the town.

Days passed by in a breeze. Seasons changed and so did she. Her complexion got a little dim and her sides sagged a little. A slight yellow stain marked her smooth side. Then one day, she saw me eyeing Meghna’s black kitten heels when we all went shopping together.

Back at home she screamed red at me and I panicked. Slamming the door behind me, I took a jog across the park and returned late to a very silent home. I found it hard to watch TV or read a book. Hunger left me for good. I wanted to take her in my arms and tell her that she is the one for me. But another part of me played silent slideshow of the kitten heels.

Morning spread a grey tone in the flat. The whole place was a mess, broken vases and all. I had slept through all that. I ran to the closet and checked on her. Her velvet spread was not slept on. She had disappeared into the dark of the night that slowly started creeping inside me as I stood there.


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