Sick Leave

This is a How-To on making your days of sickness a thing of pleasure.

Be it flu, jaundice or a fluke accident, we all have been there. on a sick-bed. for days. without friends. Well a sick friend is a useless friend. So naturally you will find that you are alone most of the time you are lying belly up. So here are a few tips to make light of your situation from one who just changed sheets off her one week-long sick-bed.

1. Keep things handy before you fall into the ‘helpless’ category – especially if you live on your own. That include movies, apples, pills, tissues and your air conditioner remote.

2. Throw your phone away. Or keep it away. Except for texting your boss the status of your bowels everyday, it is not much of a joy to be interrupted every 10 minutes with sms and calls from banks which have already sanctioned you loans without you doing as much as asking for it or clinics which found you balding and can fix that it 5 easy sittings.

Answering these impertinent callers with a blocked nose and sore throat can bring sadistic pleasure for some (hee hee).

3. Mess with your dreams. Between skimming between dreams and delirium, try dreaming up a story with an end the way you like.

4. Watch movies of languages which makes no sense to you – and ad lib it. For eg: try Kung Fu Hustle

5. Call up mommy and scare her by sounding like you are about to die.

6. Read through the most boring part of your book shelf. This is the best time to do that. You are not particular that you need to remember that particular travelogue to eternity, are you? But then you gotta read it some day because paying  500 bucks on it was no joke. So, dust it out…

7. Analyse your life, friends, family, relatives, work till you get bored, which will be fairly fast, i tell you.

8. Plan on your recovery. Eating out, drinking your sobriety back, shopping to your knees content etc.

9. Have plenty of fluids, fruits and food around.

10. Read newspapers. You don’t want to know the world ended without you while you were inside your delirium bubble, do you?


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