Hospital stay is not easy. Especially if you have been feeling top of the morning everyday of your life till one fine day, you find yourself having injections for breakfast. It reminds you that you too are vulnerable, nothing but a body of matter heading fast towards the end. That as you speak, your body is decaying molecule by molecule, atom by atom. You feel so cut off from real world. Real by your perspective. That world where you competitively took charge of your problems and came back home tired but replete with life. From that purposeful life, you lie on the white sheets of oblivion, pain and strange reactions to medicines you don’t understand.

As your body struggles with all its youth and vigour to adapt to changes happening to it in a raw wild way, you gain a new perspective on yourself. Your body is but a machine with its needs, its way of developing hitches and remodelling itself. But it’s you who decide when to give up and when not, to control your body from controlling your senses – to control fear from terrorizing you or losing your nerves to do something that hurts a loved one. All the deep breaths in the world cannot relax you unless you believe it can.

What’s ‘half-glassful’ about it is that you emerge a happy and evolved person. The realization that even when you are swarmed with relatives and friends  you gotta fight your own war, strengthens you, makes you compassionate about other people who are going through similar ordeals and imbibes passion for your own life. Which is good! Because if life were without passion, it wouldn’t be worth living, would it?


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  1. my dear woman with the lazy syndrome..

    not one word i understood!! actually i read the whole thing a few times .. u played with words and drew parallels nicely but in the end i didnt get the moral of the story!!

    write more!! and write easy (rusty old brain of mine).. awaiting the next post


  2. hey good stuff….when you have the time and interest do read *Mother Pious Lady* by Santosh Desai – insightful writing on everyday India with a lot of metaphors and symbols from our life. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. And do take care of your health


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