Happy or not?


You know why girls dig ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ right? We just so identify with the whole ‘be happy with yourself first’ theory that we hog on chocolate, dress up nice and get drunk to feel good about ourselves. Does that work? Eh..sometimes. Well, most times.

But when life hands you just sour rotten lemons one after the other and hammers you down every time you lift your head a wee bit up, no materialistic pleasures will serve as your saving grace.

So what do you do to attain happiness? Or at least to make sure that you get your daily dose of it? I know Money, Love and Health helps one to be happy and being happy helps this trinity too. Reports say happy people pay less medical bills, pay for more dates and live longer. The pressure is on everybody to find a balance that works for each one.

There are millions of sites, books which advice on the ways to get there. It says being grateful, taking account of your misfortunes in a light way, being kind to others etc triggers happiness hormones which can elevate you to a highly desirable state. Some site even sends you one mail a day as a part of 30 day crash course to happiness! Isn’t internet a blessing?

But while you struggle trying not to cut loose, which would be the easiest way to get out, there are always friends, family and pizza to fall back on. Well those and living a life with no regrets.



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