Why a girl won’t make a good James Bond

  1. Cannot escape from the call from mom asking if she is with a boy and if not then what is she doing out in the middle of the night.
  2. Has to stop every 5 minutes and take picture. In different poses/ hairstyles/goggles. Would even want a few with the villain she is after.
  3. Has to stop every 10 minutes and take a leak.
  4. Will take hours to get ready even if she is operating under camouflage.
  5. Might start thinking the villain’s side-kick is ‘soo cuuutttteeeee’.
  6. Would want to know if they take visa or amex in the villain’s island.
  7. Will cry and make a scene if the side-kick sleeps with her and doesn’t call her the next day.
  8. Will bitch about Madame M in the ladies room and since Madam M also uses the same room, will get suspended.
  9. Will forget the gun in the car and run all the way back to get it after getting into the villain’s fort.
  10. Will get drunk and holler all the secrets from the roof top.



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