Pepper Kick Smoothie

I rammed lots of dubious looking oranges and apples into the blender on a hot humid mid-morning. That is, today. The power went off on a vacation and my innocent fruits arrived at their judgement day a few days too soon. So I decided to make a quick job of it when the power came back for a visit.

In went 2 oranges without seeds, looking all bruised. Apples followed the suit. Threw in a handful of walnuts and  cashews.  Half a cup of milk for consistency and my hand reached to the overhead cabin for raisins and came back with a bottle of peppercorns!

Now, aren’t the greatest work of art an act of serendipity?  Don’t you disagree because that’s what this one was. I threw in the peppercorns, some 10 of them and left it all in the able hands of the blender.

The result? Was awesome! After the taste of fruits and nuts, comes this kick in the back of your throat just as you swallow. But using the peppercorns or how many of them is up to your discretion.

Of course I don’t have a pic of my kick ass smoothie. It was gulped down before it left the blender 🙂


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