Road to discovery is strewn with lettuce leaves…

Not really. But I thought I’ll keep the title a bit vague this time. Mainly because the recipes I’m posting here are too.

Well, these are those 5 minutes recipes which even a half-boiled cook can whip up. They deserve a post so that they are preserved for posterity.

1. Sprouts and dates Salad – Sprouts, dates(seedless of course), walnuts, black salt, olive oil. Mix and serve.

2. Fry shallots, garlic, curry leaves with some mustard, salt and cumin seeds, throw in some spinach and just when it reaches the desired consistency, remove from flame and add curd into it for some yummy raitha.  Replace/add beetroot.

3. While making pasta, add a fistful of spinach and walnuts too.

4. Banana-mango smoothie – Add the fruits, walnut, dates and soy milk.

5. peanut salad – Put peanuts in hot water till cooked. Cut onions, ginger, tomato into small pieces. Mix them all with a pinch of salt and add a swish of lime.





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