The Office Loo

Sobs, each after the other at an interval, echoed about the clean, blue toilet walls. Pale lights on roof intensified the gloom that accompanied sobs. After a long time, one of the doors opened and a smartly dressed woman came out. She went straight to the mirror and started fixing her eyes and hair. When she paused for a moment to look at herself, tears welled up in her eyes. Her colleague, who was waiting for her until now, stepped in, touched her elbow and asked, ” Was it that bad? What he did to you now?”


” It was…I don’t know what to do. I have been going through this for quite a long time. Now I feel I can’t take it no more. May be I should have a heart to heart talk with him?”


” That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. He already treats you bad as you are a woman. The mention of a heart to heart talk will only make him more averse to you. “


“But this is silly. Him showing me down in front of the whole team at the meeting! Countering each of my points and trashing them just because I am a woman!”


“So you should prove that you are more matured than him! Let’s put chewing gum on his seat?”


Their laugh stayed in the air lightly and thinned out as they stepped out of the room arm in arm.

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