Star dust

It is blinding with lights at the backstage. The cacophony of photographs being clicked, orders shouted across the room which are surprisingly followed accurately, is just numbing. There is such excitement in the air and tension. Whole lot of tension. So much fun!!!

I patted my choreographer whats-his-name on the back and rushed to the photo booth with the stylist and of course Remi, my assistant tagging behind. Now how do mummies pose?? OK, smiling eyes, no pout , mellow mood, think warm glow. Now that was easy! Hope Mel approves the pics and doesn’t bring up how coming out to public is whole lot easier again. She just doesn’t get business, does she! I will be like sooo screwed if my fans found out I’m adopting a baby instead of having one with Alonzo.

“Remi dahling , please send a few to Simon at Artz, will ya? To add the baby bump? Call agent and reporters once you get them back. Am going to change for the show.”





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