My walk on the wild side


About Krishna Ganapathi – as the name suggests, a mischievous kid with a natural flair to lie convincingly & react to situations, realized there was an inbuilt quality in him to act! Soon was he swept away by the magic of being on stage and to be applauded for the talents he possessed, his hunger to develop his passion grew. Being crowned Mr. IT in 2007 marked as his first encounter to stardom, since then he is enjoying his stint as a full-time Actor/Dancer/Entertainer. Krishna has been performing for local audiences and with most of the theater groups like “Theatre Y”,  “Little Theatre”,  “Strayfactory”,  “Unarviyam” for the last four years, having won several awards including a “Best Actor” prize for his Solo Mime Gibberish piece “Paapa” in the Short & Sweet Festival Chennai – 2013! He is also known for playing various other roles in the hit and critically acclaimed play “Gardysh” by “TheatreY” staged in Chennai.

An Electronics & Communication Engineer by qualification lead to part away his 3 years experience in IT industry, ruling him the chance of being able to have a 5 digit salary and bravely decided to put his professional certification as a piece of good times confined to a 11/8” frame hung in his bedroom! Krishna is an avid reader, an animal lover and a traveler, he is also an accomplished dancer, mimicry artist and a singer.


He writes:

Well I am a dreamer, I should say, I love films, I watch all kind of movies, a movie buff! but I never realized when I was young that I could do what I am doing now for a living.
I guess I always had that extra interest in extra curricular activities, I used to be a kid who would always take part in cultural, sports, singing, dancing, mimicry and what not! anything other than reading my subject books I used to love! I hated mathematics! My two biggest enemies! Mathematics and complex carbohydrates 😛 I never used to like math, it’s because of my teacher! He always used to give me F in math no matter how well I studied and wrote the exam! So my interest in math depleted! But hey! Having said that I have a degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering! Ya even I am surprised but ya like they say miracles do happen! 😛 So I finished school, college and then started working in an IT company like most of the common population! 3 years is what I could manage rather  survived, I knew I was not made for this, I was destined to do something great, something I love and I realized it when I participated in a talent competition called Mr&MsIT! A talent show for the corporate world where all the major IT companies participated and the show was aired in SS Music! Well I tried my hand in that and did a mimicry act and dressed up as Shivaji Rajinikanth ( Mottai Boss get up ) and to my surprise I won the talent show! 😉 Yes I was crowned Mr.IT 2007! After that there was no looking back! people started talking about it and with in a few months I quit my job and started pursuing that as a hobby! I started my theatre career with this group called “theatreY” founded by Mr. Yog Japee! I learned my craft under his watchful eyes and I did my first production in 2011 My début play Gardysh! 6 house full shows in Alliance Francaise and then the rest is history! I have tried my hand in theatre for a few years now, also have worked in some commercials, short films and now recently shot for a feature film “Taramani” with the national award-winning director Mr.Ram of Tamizh M.A and Thangameengal fame! I train people as well, I take workshops for kids and adults. I am an Actor/Dancer and a trainer in stage management, creative writing, theatre and performing arts! A story-teller with the Book Lovers Program for Schools!
So what made me quit my lucrative IT job and made me chose the field that I had no clue of and where the success rate is less! and I had no one to look up or no family background!
Well I never realized that I had the talent to entertain people and when you go on stage and stand in front of the audience there is an air of expectation and you feel in control of the situation and once you get a feel of that magic of being on stage and performing for a live audience it just keeps you going. The instant gratification that you get once your performance is over, the moment that light falls on your face and you are completely lit in front of the audience and the fact that its live and there are no retakes is what makes me love this medium and for me everyday is different, you might be doing the repeat of the show but the audience are different, the reactions are different and most importantly I am happy and satisfied after a show and not like that awful feeling of doing a 9 – 5 job just for the heck of it and cribbing about it all the time! I love what I do and I am sure I will reach the heights that I deserve! To conclude,  “It’s better to do what you love and fail than to do something that you don’t love and get good at it”.  I chose the road that is less traveled and am walking on the wild side living dangerously!

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