Harish Krishnan

About Harish Krishnan – Harish Krishnan Kaun? You would ask. When he is not cooking stories at, you will find him in a different world. A world made for just two people. He is sure there are many like him who lead a life of Batman, because we are superheroes which the world may not deserve but he wants her to know his special moments and one day proclaim, ‘He is My Superhero’. 


He writes :


Tum aa gaye zindagi aa gayi…

Life is not the same anymore. Every moment we spend together is priceless. Some moments are created out of the blue just to feel the closeness and the assurance that you are with me.

Dil ko mere raunaqe mil gayi…

That smile! That rolling the eyes look. That love filled anger look. The way she moves her hand along her hair to tell the world that it’s a good hair day!

Rab kare waqt bhi ruk jaaye Yehi…

Oh god, pause the moment in my life when she looks at me and smiles. I would want to live with that moment forever.

Oh god, pause the moment in my life, when she tries to punch you but all you feel is the softness and warmth of her hands.

Yeh pal Main jee lu zara Ab door jaana nahi…

Let us live this moment! Let us live a life where all our dreams will be fulfilled and stay in a place which is filled with happiness. Don’t go away. Just stay!

Jo tu mera humdard hain…

“Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” ― Jessamyn West


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