Hot Yoga

My hesitant venture into the neighborhood gym did not go unfruitful. Though I boast no trimmed tum or a tight butt now, I am a proud regular at the sauna and pool. So much that I have a fav spot on the bench inside the sauna and I get less traumatized by the spooky green light on the wall of the pool below water level while swimming towards it.

Then I decided to try hot yoga.

I don’t know about you. To me, hot Yoga meant Yoga to look hot. Which is partially true. Because when you come out of a heated studio after bicycling in your downward dog position for eternity, you look anything but cool. Add to it the embarrassment when you and the old bald gentleman are the only ones doing planks on your knees! However it did ease my stiff back and shoulders after a night of dreary work.

Will hot yoga see me sweat it out and cry like a baby in the child pose again? Not sure. But I am definitely trying the not-hot-Yoga next week.



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