# 40 Xmas thrift shopping

Christmas to me, is not associated with Christianity at all. It is associated with memories of fun-filled, girls-only convent school days of pure joy.

Roughly a week before  December 26th is when we go uniform-free to flaunt our best hand-me-down. We run to peep at an awkwardly dressed Santa – who was always one of the seniors in an ill-fitting mask and would peep back at us from the dance class turned into a dressing room. We wait for the end of a ritualized nativity play near a stage under a statue of Mary who looked like she was holding a painful secret (who knows!), to catch candies thrown in the air at the end of the play by a multi-faced Santa. Then we exchange cards/gifts/books/addresses/phone numbers and scramble into school buses screaming “happy holidays” to anybody we know. Once home, the  ritual of nagging father to hang a new star at the front of the house begins. We must have the best star in the street! Days of receiving and sending greeting cards and munching on meals in front of TV ensues. Making all kinds of merry in short.

What it is now, is painfully not even remotely unadulterated fun like above. It is still fun to visit Christmas markets, check out lawn decorations and to act snooty at people thronging shop-fronts for grabbing on to any sale that is going on. But there is no involvement of myself or my time.

Which is where Xmas thrift shopping comes into play. A visit to the local Dollar Store to pick up a cute random elf and I feel like a Christmas tree already!


Dollarama that houses trendy cute Xmas stuff

Dollarama that houses trendy cute Xmas stuff, that had a cute lil Elf for me today

Dollarama that houses trendy cute Xmas stuff, that had a cute lil Elf for me today and made me feel like I’m part of the Xmas hoopla.



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