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#59 Late Bloomers

There are those who are all set to run and perform splendidly as soon as they make it out of wombs and then there are rest of us who have crushes on the former ones.

During one of my zoned-out-during-dinner sessions, I reflected on why I learnt everything “late” in my life. ‘Late’ in air quotes because time is a completely different point of reference to each but depending on the part you grew up in, everything you do could be judged just too late.

But then, learning skills at a later stage provides so much insight. When you are a kid and jump into a pool with your friends to learn swimming, you don’t get to learn about fear, about overcoming the palpitations and the joy that comes out of conquering it. When you sit in the driver’s seat at the age of 16 and drive to your friend’s party, you don’t get the satisfaction of sitting in a driving school class with a bunch of snickering 16 yr olds knowing you are the only one who signed her own cheque for the lessons, part in consolation and part in amusement.

Moral of the story, there is no good day like today to step up and take on the world.

I’m grateful for…

For being one of the late bloomers

For being one of the late bloomers who struggle to learn new skills

For being one of the late bloomers who struggle to learn new skills, but come out with plenty of wisdom and a blog post to boast about.

Late Bloomer
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