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Fight Club


About Ravi –  Ravikumar Rajagopal likes to think he is an Amateur Philosopher, Part-Time Runner, Avid Quizzer, Voracious Reader, Foodie, Music Connoisseur, Pop Culture Enthusiast and Dog Lover. Apart from these he is addicted to sports and majorly into fitness related activities. A former National Rowing Champion, he also loves any outdoor activities be it swimming or hiking.

 Once upon a time he was a blogger but due to laziness and the increase in the number of TV shows he watches, he blogs very rarely. Apart from all this during his white collar time, he heads a leading advertising agency in Chennai and is also a trained Statistician.


He writes about a movie that both of us love:

Fight Club. The title itself suggests that this is going to be a violent bloodshot film. Everything suggests to masculinity. If you are person who I am sorry to say this, do not think much, it is nothing more than a film where ripped men beat up each other, blow stuff and then also deal with physiological issues.

But is this what Fight Club is all about? Depends on how you see it but be it the book or the movie, there is always something new when you read or watch it. It is by far the more realistic reflection on humanity. The current status on how both White Collar and Blue Collar employees lead their lives. How more and more of our lives is dictated by everyone apart from us. The consumerist society is actually making it worse. More or less the current social norms are driven by this society. The more we go deep, the tougher it is to wake up to reality. We are a generation which is going through a huge change. Be it the world itself and be it how individuals behave.

We are all in a rat race where there is no winner. We don’t realize it but each one of us without evening knowing is part of the race. The race which has no end or beginning. The only end is the destruction of the world as we know it. We are the generation which has actually seen no big catastrophic event. Big brother is watching and the threats are real. With cities in decay and morality at an all-time low, our cities are slowly crumbling with no solution of a respite. Doomsday is very real and we are heading towards it at an unstoppable speed.

Why do we need people? We are social beings. We are used to having someone around us all the time. This paradigm shift is something our generation has to cope with. The fear of being alone is the greatest fear one has to go through. If one can overcome this then he shall make a difference and stand from the rest. This alone will help him escape from the mindless rat race which everyone is going through.

Madness is going against the normal and proving everyone wrong. But even madness has its limits. There are times which only leads to waste in time on a mad pursuit, which deep down you know leads to nothing. At times you may actually believe that the path leads to redemption but in reality it does not. Time is something precious and though time can give great experience, unfortunately we are running short of it all the time. At times you need to see what is before you and take that plunge rather than go after a mad pursuit.

Fight Club is not about fighting but it is a great metaphor for life. To take pain and manage it and channelize it in an effective way. It is not about being an outlier. It is about knowing that you have a choice to get out of the rat race and then lead a life where you find happiness. Happiness is not a shiny item. It does nothing to do with banks and money. It has everything in finding joy in little things. These little things will lead you to great glory.