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100 Days Of Gratefulness

  • Yes it is along the lines of Neil Pasricha’s 1000 Awesome Things after I stumbled upon his TED talk
  • No I am not trying to ride on his wave of awesomeness
  • Yes this is a social experiment on studies that show you get happier if you’re just grateful
  • No I am not going through life harrowing experiences. Even though Calvin’s dad says it builds character, I am happy being characterless
  • Yes this is a self trial to determine if I can actually stick to something for 100 days by throwing my hat over the public, online fence
  • Yes it is a list of things I am grateful for to be spanned over a 100 days.



New friends in a new city.

To party.

To wine and whine.

To get apartment together.

To travel.

To cry over a broken heart.

To rev up for a brand new start.

To make each day an adventure.



#2 Surprise South Indian Food. For free!

#3 Vegan find

#4 The View From My Balcony

#5 Dr.Teddy

# 6 The Little Plant

# 7 Chennai Flood

# 8 Birthday Greeting Cards

# 9 Girlfriends

# 10 Misfits

# 11 Instant Noodles

# 12 Different Cultures Around The World

# 13 Road Trips

# 14 Dancing Like No Tomorrow

# 15 Colours Of The World

# 16 Technology

# 17 Resting Bitch Face

# 18 What Mama Gave Me