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Hamilton Diaries – A very short one at that

After we got down from the GO bus and were slowly walking towards the Airbnb rental, a guy on a bicycle stopped by us and told us we were welcome to visit the main gallery of Art Gallery of Hamilton as some other gentleman had already paid for everybody who visited it that week. If it were in India, I would have run away in the opposite direction, firmly upholding the belief that harm was on my way. But in Hamilton, this seemed to be the way of life.

Hamilton is a city in Southern Ontario on the western end of Niagara peninsula, mainly known as the waterfall capital boasting to home some 126 of them. People are extremely friendly. on the streets we encountered the older generations buzzing around in their automatic wheelchairs with or without a tiny pooch and indiscriminately tattooed youths. The downtown is void of hectic traffic and is very cyclist friendly. We were sometimes surprised by how empty the streets were and how it resembled a ghost town.

The main attraction of course were the waterfalls. Our kind hostess Carmen (https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/4014559), huge recommendations and thumbs-up to her, suggested Tiffany Falls, as you could get into the water in here.

After a bus, a wrong bus stop and a long cycling trip with frequent stops for ‘energy’ drinks, we arrived at the beautiful, yet not very plentiful waterfalls. It was calm, soothing and filled us with the positive energy that only mother nature has access to. We took showers in it and washed away the stress, pollution and loneliness that a fast city life costs.


We decided to take advantage of the night life next and headed to Hess Village on a Friday night. The street was lined with restaurants that turned into night clubs at the stroke of 10 o’ clock. Every DJ tried to outbeat his neighbour and the streets were filled with pub-hoppers, bouncers and policemen to watch us all. You could spot tired party people taking a break in the side of the street before hopping on to the next pub. That’s where mostly I was.

The next day, when we woke up in the afternoon, we still had a few hours to while away. We cycled our way towards the waterfront and visited the Tribal class destroyer ship, HMCS Haida. This ship actively participated in WW2, Cold war and  Korean war and sank more enemy surface tonnage than any other Canadian warship. I have always had a thing for ships and it was with much persuasion and threats from my friend that I finally pried myself from the innards of this beautiful ship.

20150919_123657 20150919_134451

Sailor Sou

Not before we answered a quiz and received this WW2 souvenir.