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Oh Boy! Did I just order a new phone!!! “The best cheap one” to quote my tech-savvy friends. If only my phone knew what plans I had for her! Poor little baby must have been sleeping inside a carton in a warehouse in China before coming all the way to fulfil her destiny. Now she will be carefully picked up, packed and sent off via different supply chain thingamies and will reach my home all sweaty. She would be like Eva from Wall-E when she finds the plant. Sleep mode. As soon as I get her, I will check for scratches or broken pieces so that I can send it back right away (Sorry phone. Detachment is the way to live a healthy life). Once convinced that I have not been dumped with a broken piece of shitty electronic, I will proceed to use the next half an hour to convince myself that I didn’t buy myself a shitty piece of electronic.

Do I have plans for the new phone now! The movies I’ll watch, the songs I’ll load it up with. The viruses I will deal with! Like any new relationship, it is going to be as smooth as silk till she hangs up on me, refuses to call my other friends and gives silent treatment. But that’s for later. Now is the planning phase. Planning for new adventures, surprises and to marvel together at the advance of technology.