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Go Right, Go Left, Go Slow.

Much water has passed under the bridge since I posted my new-found interest in minimalism – Oh Ya, That Moment .

What have I done so far? These :-

1. Fought off the urge to splurge during the big sale.
2. Donated many old clothes to an organisation taking care of leprosy patients.
3. Concentrating on NOT multi-tasking while eating – you know, the whole mindful and ‘being here and now’ chapter.

But most of all, these weeks of totally inactive social life and self-imposed exile from daily buzz made me truly understand the story of Naranathu Branthan rolling the rock uphill.

Naranathu Branthan was a Malayali icon who lived around 300 AD and along with his 11 siblings defined/glorified 12 different castes which had surrogated them. He was called ‘branthan’ by people who clearly didn’t skip past his eccentricities to see the true philosophical side.

His famous pastime involved pushing a heavy boulder uphill till the top and pushing it down to be repeated throughout the day. As the rock rolled down, he would clap and laugh at the sight.

What people saw was a man who lost his marbles, but what he was trying to convey was that we humans spend days struggling to achieve petty things in life only to have it all tumble down and get destroyed at some point. Clearly a man ahead of his time.

So how many of us really take time out to stop in tracks, let others go past in the rat race and think what makes themselves happy?

Which brings me to this awesome Chipotle  video. Not just because I am a proud vegetarian, but also because I wish all of us would find what makes us happy and stand up for it.

Chipotle’s Scarecrow