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The invitation

 “Are you effing kidding me?!!!”

“Really?? An invitation to their wedding? THEIR WEDDING?!!!”

Maya’s mind screamed again. As it has been from the day she received the invitation. It lay still on her table. Silver letters on green pages, horribly out of place.  The evil aura around it just wouldn’t dim. So evil that she was aware of it all the time. Even when she was not in the room.

“Why did they send one to me? Are they saying they have let it all go and want to make peace with me?”

“Or do they just want to make me come and look like a loser in front of other people from college?”

“As if I’ll attend it, Ha!”

“But wouldn’t that make it look like I haven’t let it go? That’ll make them superior to me!”

“Oh my God! Why!!!!”

“Or, may be I can really dress up and look super cute and make people look past the past?”

“Yeah, I’m a fighter, I don’t give up. Like,”

Makes me that much stronger,
Makes me work a little bit harder.
Makes me that much wiser,
So thanks for making me a fighter…”

“Oh man! This sucks…”




Note: Happened to look down from my floor at office during a short break and spotted a girl sitting by a tree at the atrium, staring at pages of an open invitation fluttering in her lap.