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Most physically beautiful person you ever met

I posted on Fb, a question about who is the most beautiful woman/man you have ever met? Not in a soul-beautiful way but in a strictly physical way and below are the interesting responses.


Let’s start with mine.

The most beautiful person I have ever met is a Jamaican woman. She had very well-cut features and a smile so sweet, it could bring summer rain. I met her at a Jamaican party dance workshop where she was teaching.

 Here are my friends’ :


  • Yasmeen Akhtar : Most recent was an Italian waitress, her smile so lively and gorgeous. 

Her hubby shared her view like this :

  • Imran Mohammed : Even before reading Yasmeen Akhtar’s comment, I had the same lady in my mind she was pretty yes but nothing like my mrs

I usually don’t go AWW!!! But knowing how cute a couple they are, AWWW!!



  • Dharvesh Khan : Dharvesh Khan

Not a big surprise :/


  • Shameem A Sap : I guess, I met one Denmark guy…and second is me:)

So modest!


  • Gokul Sarma : The most ——- man ever met was my friend from Nigeria

How come I never met this friend of yours?


  • Helen Chitra : The most physically beautiful woman I have met is you Soul, and Amina Harris, my friend: I adore her smile.

Guess who just earned her brownie points **Wink wink**


  • Arun Bachatero : The most beautiful women I ve met is my polish friend from Edinburgh Edyta Maccari! I ve nt seen any one more beautiful than her!

Lucky her 🙂


  • Vidhyakar Kadarkarai : a little mallu girl in my floor. will show you when you come.

YEAH! Mallu people always rock!


  • Shrinidhi Sarathy : mom

Of course and I know her. She is a sweetheart 🙂


  • Ashish Dugar :

Gets the cake with his list of women.


1) After getting ditched by a friend I had to take a walk home and on the way I decided to buy an ice cream and I see this gorgeous girl with glowing skin and perfect hair walking the opposite way eating the same ice cream. She was so beautiful that I kept looking at her and she walked away giving me a smile. The best moment ever. I think I have told you this story.

2) I met Edith at a some friends house party. She’s from South of France and she had been on the move for 5 years and traveling in India for a year and half looking for spiritual growth and write a book. She was attractive, humble, sweet, fun and independent . The perfect package for me. Oh yeah and also really hot .

3) I can’t tell out the name but ill share little of information about her. I met this one in Pondy, approached her and bonded well initially but later had a serious crush on her for a month and embarrassed myself really bad.

It is so interesting how people meet and leave a memory with you. Sometimes you do that too without realizing it. World is really funny-interesting that way, isn’t it?